I have been hooked on computers my whole life, from my first TRS-80 and 8088 based PC, I have been a software guy. More accurately, I have always been an internet systems developer. I have raised development teams, provided mentorship and have overseen the evolution of startups from genesis through to acquisition. I have managed the post-acquisition process to ensure the seamless integration of smaller businesses in to large multi-national corporations.

One of the core beliefs I espouse is that you can learn from everyone in your team and that fostering a culture of listening, sharing, compassion and enthusiasm will lead to not only better software, but lifelong friendships.

I have worked on technologies from Assembly, C++, Java and Visual Basic through to Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript ES6 and TypeScript. I keenly follow operational systems and will adopt any technology such as Serverless and AWS services that assists in automation and quality improvements.


LaTrobe University

BCompSci, Computer Science ^1
La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia

1. Awarded a place on the Dean’s Merit List